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About Sandy

Sandy is the 6th largest city in Utah, 96,943 residents call it home. Sandy is about a 20 minute drive from Salt Lake City and is just south of Midvale (link) and north of Draper (link) in South East Salt Lake County. It is very close world class skiing up the canyons (Big cottonwood and Little Cottonwood). Sandy is also home to the Real Salt Lake professional Soccer team at Rio Tinto Stadium, Expo Center, Hale Center Theater, and nearby Draper Aquarium. 

Why invest in Sandy

  • Desirable location. It is no secret that there is a cachet of living in Sandy. For good reason. The Schools, its proximity to ski resorts, the established community, and incredible restaurants are some of the reasons why. 
  • Property Values. With all the demand and cache, Sandy property values are not cheap and are some of the most expensive. With that being said rent rates in Sandy can support these higher prices. However, if you are a long-term investor the potential property values cannot be overlooked. 
  • High Quality tenants. Sandy has a high degree of home ownership at 78% owner occupied homes. Coupled with the fact that 40.8% of residents have college degrees it helps paint a picture of the type of residents in Sandy. 

Investment considerations

  • Acquisition costs, keep in mind that investing in Sandy is an investment in quality and isn’t an inexpensive investment. 
  • Fewer options, with such a high level of owner occupied properties there can be less inventory in Sandy available than in other cities. 
  • Average rents of $1,703 in Sandy 
  • Gross Yields of 5.5% in Sandy which is good considering the acquisition price. From a cash flow perspective but open up tremendous appreciation potential that leave long-term investors salivating. A Gross Yield of 5.25% is good cash flow. A Gross Yield of 7% is outstanding cash flow for Utah.
  • Typically filling properties in Sandy fill faster than average in Utah.
  • Similar performing cities are Draper, Sugarhouse, Highland, and Lehi. 

The numbers

Property types

  • Sandy’s property inventory contains a lot of single family homes. However, there are many pocket developments of townhomes and some condos that are also attractive investments.

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