Increasing Curb Appeal

Increasing Curb Appeal
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Increase the value of your rental property by making some aesthetic changes and following a few simple tips.

Check for concrete damage and consider making repairs. There are emerging low cost options, such as concrete lifting, to fix cracks and sunken concrete
slabs as opposed to total concrete replacement. These small repairs do not break the bank and can add immense value to your rental property and
will ensure that your property is up to code and will pass inspections.

A wood fence around your rental property is both beautiful and highly desirable for the privacy and security that it provides. The downside is that,
if not maintained, weather exposure will cause the wood to warp, crack, decay and grey. Consider putting a fresh coat of stain or paint on wood fences
or decks that are weathered and worn and replace boards that are damaged or warped. Doing this is a relatively easy way to give your property a noticeable
makeover or prevent further damage.

Landscaping can make or break a property. Groom and trim all shrubbery, add new plants and make sure your grass is flourishing. An established, healthy
and well manicured lawn is a huge asset to a rental property. Adding potted flowers is a simple, cost effect way to add a touch of color and warmth
as well.

Some more simple tips to improve curb appeal are:

  • Have a clause that renters must remove clutter from outside the home, keep bikes and other equipment in the garage and the garage door closed.
  • Replace molding and weathered wood chips or mulch.
  • Consider power washing siding, decks and front porches.
  • Add a pop of color, or freshen your current color, by painting your front door.

Catch the eye of quality renters by making your property as aesthetically pleasing and welcoming as possible from the outside. Maintain the value and integrity
of your NM property by making it’s curb appeal a long-term priority. Call today for questions!