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Deal of the Day Silverlake Eagle Mountain Townhome

PMI Made Simple - Monday, January 27, 2020

At PMI Made Simple we strive to be your financial guide along your journey to financial freedom through real estate. We also believe that Utah county and Utah is a unique real estate market that can be rewarding to real estate investors. 

This property just hit the market in the Silver Lake community of the East part of Eagle Mountain! We have experience managing properties here and they have gone well as profitable investments. It is a townhome with 2017 construction. Two quick advantages of that are potentially lower property maintenance as well as decor, paint, and floor plans that are appealing to tenants. 

Here are a few of the reasons why we like it:

  • 2017 construction
  • This area of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga is projected to grow tremendously in the upcoming years. 
  • Solid school system
  • Good cash returns for a buy and hold real estate investor
  • More and more amenities are coming to this area all of the time. 

We like investments in the East Side of Eagle Mountian, we think you can get a lot of property for your investment. 

Here is our summary scorecard. 

City TypeMillcreek Condo
Price for Cash Flow?A-
Est. Vacancy?B+
Property Age/ConditionA
School StrengthB+
Key CharacteristicsGrowth area, cash flow, age, schools
Recommended InvestmentAny investor
Who is it a fit forGood choice all around buy and hold

All figures are estimates. Brokerage services provided by PMI Wasatch